DateTimeControl in Sharepoint

I would like to discuss about an issue I faced when I was developing for my project. This could help some who also faced the same issue as mine.
I am not too good in writing articles so please bear with me if I am not up to your expectations…:)

I had datetimecontrol in my webpart with Dateonly option as true. But when I leave the field blank and save the rest of the data to the webpart I got a default value stored in the list I was storing the information to.

I used the following method to solve this. Thanks to Yogesh Sharma who helped me in this.

if (txtStartDate.IsDateEmpty) {
lstItem[“StartDate”] = null;
} else {
lstItem[“StartDate”] = txtStartDate.SelectedDate.ToShortDateString();

This added the value for date only if I selected a value from the calendar. This may look simple to many but if it helps even one I will be happy


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I am working with NCS Pte Ltd as a Lead Consultant I have taken SharePoint as my full time action and thoughts.
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