Tags and Notes in Sharepoint 2010

I should write it down here as I learned something totally new here today. This is purely SharePoint 2010 Administration and this will be helpful to many including me in future.

Part A: Including a Tag Cloud in My Site
Including a Tag Cloud webpart can be done in a normal way as we add in other webparts. But the Tag cloud will be empty if we dont have any pages/documents with tags. So we move on to adding Tags to Documents and Pages.

Part B: Adding Tags and Notes successfully to a Document.
To tag a document to show in OOB tag cloud webpart in SharePoint 2010
* Select a document which need to be tagged (add tick mark).
* On the top ribbon, you can find “Tags and Notes” . Click on that. Add the necessary tag.
* The tags gets mapped to the document. If a new document is added in the document library, do an incremental crawl.

Part C: Set Up a Search Page
You can set this up in any of the major Sites that you are using. Just go to the site. Select Site Actions –> Other Options.
In the Window that appears, Click on Search

Create a Seach Page by giving an appropriate name to it.

Part D: Search Administration

* Make sure proxy information is given correctly (IP address with host)

Then manage the content source. This is the place where you mention which sites needs to be searched/crawled.

See Below for the properties and sites included in the content source.
Setup an incremental crawl if the site will be updated quite often to include all the new documents in crawling.

Part E: Modify MySite’s Search Center
In Central Administration, go to Manage My Site Page and update the Search Center’s location to the Search page that was created in Part C.


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