Master Pages in Sharepoint – Part 1

There are abundant information on master pages to share and I am partitioning it into a few parts. Here goes the first part…

    Out of the box Master Pages:

There are many more masterpages available in Sharepoint but the most commonly used ones are as below:

This is the default master page and in other terms we can call it Version 4 Master Page. Commonly used in MySites, Team Sites, etc

This master page is available only in SharePoint Server 2010 publishing sites. Much like the Blueband master page in SharePoint 2007, this master page is more appropriate for public-facing Internet sites.

This master page is used only when a SharePoint 2007 site is being upgraded to 2010. It looks virtually identical to the default master page in SharePoint 2007. Note that this master page can be used only when SharePoint 2010 is in SharePoint 2007 mode via Visual Upgrade.

This master page is used by SharePoint for sites that have their own navigation
or that need extra space, especially when you create a search page, minimal master is the default master page.

This option is available in mysites to give a different look and feel for mysites.


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I am working with NCS Pte Ltd as a Lead Consultant I have taken SharePoint as my full time action and thoughts.
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