You want to lock your Sharepoint site? Why?

What does locking and unlocking mean to you? Locking with a big Padlock and opening it?
In SharePoint we can do more: locking goes in Site collection level and “it” simply means from stopping users adding content(partial locking) to stopping them from viewing the site (complete locking).

First lets see how to check the status of the site before changing it in the way we want. Go to Central administration and open Application Management page and click on Site Collection Quotas and Locks under SharePoint Site Management as below:













You will be able to see this page where you can select your site collection which you are checking for;

Lets see in detail what each options mean and when you would be choosing each.
1. No Lock
This means the site is open to all
2. Adding content prevented
This means the site is still viewable to all but no files or images or documents can be uploaded to the site.
3. Read-Only(blocks additions, updates and deletion)
This means the same as above but additionally it blocks permission to remove or edit a document from the site.
4. No access
This is the full lock and no one can see the site and even if they try to browse to the url, they will get Error 403 forbidden error message.

Choose the right lock level to your site collection and protect whatever you want to. Enjoy locking!


About gai3kannan

I am working with NCS Pte Ltd as a Lead Consultant I have taken SharePoint as my full time action and thoughts.
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