Let’s do some effective Searching

Best Bet should be a term all Sharepoint’ers are aware of. Best Bet is the result URL which is returned when one or more keywords are used for search. The result will be a pre-defined URL along with a Title and an optional description. Best Bets appear at the top of the search result page and have a gold star to their immediate left calling all your attention towards it and saying “Hey! I am the most best result for your search!”

Best Bets can be created or setup for a site collection. It has been made easier to set up in SharePoint 2010 compared to SharePoint 2007. Lets see how to do easily in SharePoint 2010 for now. Go to the most used team site and click on Site Actions which is on your left and browse to Site Settings. You will see something like this.

Click open the “Site Collections Web Analytics Report” and look for Search title.

Please note that this report can be taken only until yesterday. Look through the left menu and it has all that is needed to see related to search.

Best Bet can be set up from the suggestion box given as below:

It needs an acceptance to be used as Best Bet as this is just a suggestion based on Search query report. When you click on the query text, you will be taken to a page where you can accept and once you accept, this key word resides on Best Bet list.

You can also add new Keyword from Search Keyword under Search title. When you click “Search Keyword” it looks like this; You can add new keywords, view all that you have and edit it as well. All the Best Bets accepted will be listed down here in this list too.

When you add a new keyword, you can add best bet like this. As you can see, we can create more Best Bet URLs for a keyword and set up an order for it too. We can setup an expiry date or start date when to start listing down this URL when users search.

We can for sure improve on search methodology by using “Keywords” and “Best Bet


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