Co-authoring functionality in SharePoint Server 2010

As SharePoint 2013 is already here, posts in SharePoint 2010 are getting rare these days. Let me stay loyal to SharePoint 2010… 🙂

I came across a post on Co-authoring in SharePoint 2013 and realised how helpful this function is actually.

What is your memory on document sharing in your company in those days? I was working in a company previously when SharePoint was just a heard-word for all of us. I was working actively in .net projects and we used to create Functional Specs, test cases documents. Whenever my team mate wants to edit the document for his module, I will send the document to him thru email and he will edit it and send it back to me thru email. I will download it in a different version and edit it and will pass it on to others in my team. It was too clumsy as we will be having a lot of versions and same document in almost all the team members PC.  No need to talk about how many emails flying around.

SharePoint came in as a boon to all the troubled users. Collaboration was made a heavenly experience. We can have the document in one place, any number of users can edit it and save it in the same place. There is no need to download a copy, no need to send emails. Time and resources were saved. Can have many versions too to go back to the previous updated version. But again if a chocolate is given, its human tendency to expect for a chocolate cake? :D. So we will expect for additional functions like Co-authoring ability.

What is co-authoring exactly means?

When I am editing, even if my neighbour is editing the document, both versions should get saved without affecting any changes made to the document at all.

In SharePoint 2010 this Co-authoring was enabled and multiple users can work on the document, can save in their document without either of their changes being affected.

  1. If user A is working on “Project Scope” and user B is working on “Project UI Details” part of the same Functional Spec document, both can work without interrupting other user’s work.
  2. If 10 users are working on a Sales slide show, Pre-sales, Project manager, or technical manager can edit them and add their slides without any issues. They can work on one slide instead of working separately and finding it difficult to merge it later with same formatting.
  3. A document can be edited  by any number of users, as they are all working on a centralized storage.

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I am working with NCS Pte Ltd as a Lead Consultant I have taken SharePoint as my full time action and thoughts.
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