Learn SharePoint from Scratch

Recently I was talking with my long time friend. He asked me how to come into SharePoint? How to learn and where to start… This is for him and for all those who are wondering how to start and where to start, below are the few tips from a SharePoint lover… 😉

There are quite a lot of resources on the web and Google will help to identify all those links. Let me share my personal tips here. There might be some who don’t agree with me too but this is a path that I have traveled already and have succeeded to some extent too.

Step 1
Attend a small training to learn SharePoint. It can be either in your own organization or outside… or get it from a friend for a lunch or two.
In a learning, getting sure of the base is a must and you should understand what is the base of SharePoint before going any deeper. You will get it only from a training as not all the websites talk about it more clearly as you can hear it from a trainer. I thank god for giving me a wonderful trainer who was working with SharePoint at that time and he was able to share more on a developer perspective rather than a trainer’s perspective which was too helpful for me to face projects along with the knowledge of SharePoint.

Step 2
Watch videos and know more theory about all the important topics. Keep repeating the same video until you feel that you had understood and grasped the whole content. Videos with subtitles will be much better too. Take short notes when watching if you are doing it in a relaxed pace.

Step 3
Get your hands dirty. Do more hands on lab and try for yourself to know it more by looking at it personally. You will be able to get a feel from it for sure. For this, you should be able to get a system ready with SharePoint installed. Sure your friends who are working on SharePoint will have all that you need. Don’t believe even if they say no… 🙂

Step 4
Keep in touch with SharePoint more than you keep in touch with your friends. Follow all the famous SharePoint bloggers and be on the same track as others. Reading blog and following people is the best thing to do to improve your knowledge more. Attend conferences whenever you get a chance. Again I was lucky enough to get to know up close some of the SharePoint bloggers who I was looking with a wow expression whenever I read their posts and even got a chance to work with them.

Step 5
Blog about all that you come across like all the issues you faced, how you managed to solve it. Write all that you have learnt to learn it again.

Step 6
Stay Loyal to SharePoint… and get a job in SharePoint…  hahahaha…

All the best! Fighting!!!


About gai3kannan

I am working with NCS Pte Ltd as a Lead Consultant I have taken SharePoint as my full time action and thoughts.
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5 Responses to Learn SharePoint from Scratch

  1. Senthamil says:

    Need some good Training Video Url

  2. gai3kannan says:

    For SharePoint 2013, There are a few from MS itself. Please do check it out. Personally I appreciate Pluralsight videos very much.. you can check it out too.

  3. gai3kannan says:

    Will be adding Video links on to my page here on the right. Hope it will be useful to many

  4. Chirag Jain says:

    i m totally new to SP. plz suggest me where to start.

    • gai3kannan says:

      Hi Chirag Jain,
      If you are already working in IT, in .Net then you can start going through the videos posted in Microsoft Virtual Academy site too. Or else please do take up some training in centers… Feel free to email me to gai3kannan@gmail.com for any further queries.

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