Are you ready to be Interviewed for SharePoint Developer by me?

It is very rare to find a passionate SharePoint developer out there in the market or am I expecting too much? Is the policy of even if you do not what you love, love what you do that much difficult?
People come into SharePoint just for the sake of earning money and being categorized as SharePoint developer.
I was interviewing a few some years back and a few days back. My questions are always simple and almost the same. But will modify a bit based on their experience/responsibilities mentioned in resume.
Certain things that I was completely unable to accept:

Q: Are you OK to do both SharePoint and .Net projects?

A: Yeah! see.. SharePoint also has .net and there is no difference in SharePoint coding and .net coding. I can do both.

Q: What was your responsibility in this migration project (moss 2007 to SP 2010)

A: I did from scratch. the whole migration process

Q: Can you tell me the steps / process you used for migration

A: Yeah.. they gave us a new server. Everything was easy. I installed SharePoint 2010 and created sites and moved 2007 sites

Q: Can you tell me what is the difference between a Workflow and an Event Receiver? (workflow being my fav I stick on to this question often.)

A: There is no difference actually. OK! for event receiver we can build WSP file but for workflow we cannot build wsp file. For Workflow you can customize but event receiver you cannot customize

Q: What is the deciding factor for choosing Event receiver or Workflows when you get an requirement?

A: If you know coding well, go for ER and if you don’t know how to code then go for workflow.. simple!

Q: what is the difference between Client Object model and Server Object Model

A: Client object is for clients and Server object model is for servers.

More to come…

(Disclaimer: This is not intended to hurt anyone but to help people to change their approach towards SharePoint…)


About gai3kannan

I am working with NCS Pte Ltd as a Lead Consultant I have taken SharePoint as my full time action and thoughts.
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2 Responses to Are you ready to be Interviewed for SharePoint Developer by me?

  1. Great article. In the past I wrote an article about 4 questions I asked for SharePoint Solution Director candidate ( Look forward to another article in the field.

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