SharePoint 2013! Here I come!!!

Have you ever wondered how it will be if there is a instant Development Environment which you can create in 10 minutes for SharePoint 2013?

For me it was Marvelous! Wonderful! feel half an hour just before I started typing on this post. I sure cannot stop myself from sharing with you all. Here you go!!! Enjoy and fall in love again with SharePoint 2013!

Step 1: Open your browser preferably IE9 and above and browse to (CloudShare!! you are really great!). Click on Free Trial –> ProPlus


Step 2:

In the Register Page, use your office email id, name and company details and the next popup will ask you to provide password once the email is verified to be valid.



Step 3: Once you register, the environment is set already for you and it welcomes with the below page.


Step 4: Choose SharePoint on the tabs and Search for SharePoint 2013 on the left hand side option list. I chose the SharePoint 2013 with October 2013 update.


Step 5: Click on Add VM button on the bottom. The details gives you an idea on what will be available on the VM you are adding. And then click on Save and Run button too.


Step 6: It will start processing and in the meantime feel happy seeing your name on the screen.. 🙂


Step 7: You will get a “Environment is Ready” status message. When you are at this page, do notice two major things and one not so major thing.

  1. This is a trial account and valid for 14 days only. Meaning this environment is valid for 14 days only. So don’t start off any development that needs more than 10 days.. haha.. Seriously this is a trial environment only which will help you to have a flavor of it only.
  2. The Second thing is this environment will suspend in 60 minutes if it is left inactive. You can increase it to 180 minutes too if needed.
  3. Just check the Environment resources as you are already staring at the page right now.


Step 8: What else? Click on View VM without further waiting… Lets see how the vm looks like now. Once you click on View VM, a new tab is opened.


Step 9: The vm needs a plugin to open and will ask to install a cloudshare plugin. Click on Install, Run and follow the steps as it requires until finish.

1819 20 21 22 23

Step 10: Refresh your IE browser and Voila! your VM opens up a new SharePoint 2013 World for you to play around. Maximize it and enjoy!

16If you wonder what is the benefit of using Cloudshare? I just had the question and got to read this article. Felt it will be good to share here for your reference too.

Five Reasons why using CloudShare is worth it

The above post is from Milton Goh, a powershell person about whom I have heard a lot before and this article is one of his best!


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I am working with NCS Pte Ltd as a Lead Consultant I have taken SharePoint as my full time action and thoughts.
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  1. is Visual Studio is include?

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