Update Term Store Programmatically

Yet another useful tool uploaded here.


This is to help all those who are looking for a sample application to upload the term store programmatically. If there is a big list of items which needs to be updated, the best way would be to use an excel to migrate but this code will be a base to work on for the major codes. This is also for just a basic understanding on how to update the Term Store programmatically.

For the Reference, I have added Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy and also tried to use the Elevated Permissions to add the term store. This is just a sample code, So I have used basic names like “My Group”, “My Term”. Please do go ahead and update it and change and do add more as per your needs. This is how it looks after you run the code. Check this tool from your Site Settings –> Term Store Management Tool



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I am working with NCS Pte Ltd as a Lead Consultant I have taken SharePoint as my full time action and thoughts.
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