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Step by Step: Connect SharePoint Libraries to Outlook

This post is applicable to SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 In this step by step module, we are going to see how to connect a SharePoint library to Outlook. Yes to Outlook, so that you can have all your documents in … Continue reading

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May Patches for SharePoint 2013 released!

Every month (from 10th to 16th) a new patch (You can visit technet page to know more on the patches too) will be released which will have all the previous month’s patches included within. Let us see a bit about what May … Continue reading

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Step by Step – Creating a Web Application in SharePoint 2013

There are numerous requests on how to do things around in SharePoint from beginners. So wanted to start off with how to create a web application. The hierarchy in SharePoint always goes like this: Web Application is the parent, Site … Continue reading

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A failure was reported when trying to invoke a service application: EndpointFailure – Solution Step by Step

This is from my friend and posting it with his permission in my blog. He helped to solve this issue.. 🙂 Problem: We noticed this error messages in the web front end servers and identified that it was trying to … Continue reading

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Manage List and Library – Part 1

Indexed Columns We can create index columns to help the performance improve to some extent. But indexing also has its own limitations. We can index only 20 columns in a list. Indexing a column means the same as it would … Continue reading

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Installing Workflow Manager and Registering Workflow Service for SharePoint 2013

Prerequisites: 1. Check the Central Admin if the Service is already running before you start the whole process. 2. Server where installation is done should be connected to internet. There are ways to install when it is not connected to … Continue reading

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