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Step by Step: Connect SharePoint Libraries to Outlook

This post is applicable to SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 In this step by step module, we are going to see how to connect a SharePoint library to Outlook. Yes to Outlook, so that you can have all your documents in … Continue reading

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Installing Workflow Manager and Registering Workflow Service for SharePoint 2013

Prerequisites: 1. Check the Central Admin if the Service is already running before you start the whole process. 2. Server where installation is done should be connected to internet. There are ways to install when it is not connected to … Continue reading

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SharePoint 2013! Here I come!!!

Have you ever wondered how it will be if there is a instant Development Environment which you can create in 10 minutes for SharePoint 2013? For me it was Marvelous! Wonderful! feel half an hour just before I started typing … Continue reading

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Notes Taking – Workflows in SharePoint 2013

Whats new in SharePoint 2013 Workflow: Workflow Manager client 1.0 is introduced as the new powerful foundation. Workflow Manager Client 1.0 is built on Windows Workflow Foundation 4 Works best for Apps of SharePoint and for Cloud-based computing. Workflows are … Continue reading

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Query Transforms – SharePoint 2013 Search

I was just amazed to see how much improvement has been made to Search in SharePoint 2013. Here I would like to share how to make Search to give results in an orderly manner using query Transforms (configurable query tool). SharePoint … Continue reading

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